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In the Doghouse with the Pitbull of Comedy – Bobby Slayton Interview

bobby slayton interview

What can I say about Bobby Slayton that hasn’t already been said?

Doesn’t matter. I love the guy. Bobby is, hands down, one of the funniest people alive. Everything the guy says comes out funny. Mean, at times, but funny.

A little over a year ago Bobby lost his wife of 30 years. It was a tragic loss personally, and comedically. If you’ve seen Bobby perform over the last 40 years, you know that his wife features heavily in his act. Her untimely death forced him to not only take stock of his life, but also his material.

bobby slayton interview 2On the outside Bobby has a gruff nature. His voice is gruff, his act his gruff, but (and he wouldn’t like me saying this) he has a very big heart. Ever since I met him for the very first time, Bobby has always been very welcoming to me. Welcoming in a Bobby way. His first words when I walked in the door were, “Let’s get this over with.” No ‘Hello,” no “handshake.” Just “I hate doing this stuff” followed by a house tour, some water, and an offer to set up wherever I want.

We spoke for a while before turning on the mics and in spite of talking playful smack about everyone in his life other than his dog (whom he loves) he was in good spirits and I don’t know when I’ve seen him look so happy.

Bobby didn’t need to do this podcast. He’s not going to get anything out of it. He doesn’t even think anyone’s going to listen. All the more reason you should scribble down a review. But he did it for me, because despite what he’d have you believe, he likes me and he cares about people. He’s a good guy. But he will probably unfriend me for telling you so.

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