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Episode 0 – Failing at Fundraising

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What LTF is About and How You Can Help!

It takes a lot of people to fail successfully, and I want Learning to Fail to succeed, big time. I have already recorded many amazing conversations. My hope is to travel the world interviewing people and gathering their stories. But a lot has to happen between now and then.

If you like what you hear, and I hope that you will, please tell your friends about Learning To Fail and encourage them to tell theirs. If you could take moment to rate and review us on iTunes, it will help put us on the map.

If you’d like to be of more direct assistance please check out our DONATE and AMAZON pages. You can make one-time or recurring donations, and/or you can use our Amazon page to find recommended products and help us gain commissions that way.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I cannot wait to see how far this goes!


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