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Episode 26 – Sid Davis – Cruisin’ for Amusin’

Subscribe on iTunes Comedian Sid Davis sits down with Jason before they perform together for the first time in over a year. Meanwhile Jason has been to comedy school and Sid has started performing on cruise ships. It’s been a big year for everyone!

Episode 24 – David Furman – The Story is in the Details

Subscribe on iTunes Internationally acclaimed artist, retired college professor and Fulbright scholar, David Furman, joins Jason to talk about art, spirituality, comedy and cancer. Not to mention a little Kathy Griffin and Goliath. David helped Jason truly find his voice as a visual artist and they’ve been friends ever since. Maybe if you all bug him about…

Episode 23 – Paul Hefti – All That Jazz

Subscribe on iTunes Paul Hefti invites Jason into his home to discuss old times and the amazing story of his father, Jazz composer, Neil Hefti. They talk family, friendship and the unfathomable combination of luck and talent required to become the musician’s musician his dad was, and the incredible joy Paul is now experiencing as…

Episode 22 – Jack Willhite – The Song Remains Insane

Subscribe on iTunes Musical comedian Jack Willhite joins Jason in the green room before their first of two shows heading into New Year’s Eve, 2017. Jack has some great stories about life on the road. It’s not an easy life, but he’s pretty easy with it.