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Episode 31 – Nick Taylor – Inside the Wall Part 1

Subscribe on iTunes Comedian and friend, Nick Taylor, stops by to say farewell before leaving Asheville for San Diego… and stays for 3 hours! Jason and Nick had only known each other for about a year when they recorded this, but as you will see, there’s a lot of history and a lot of love.…

Episode 30 – Joel Pace – Deep in the Zone

Subscribe on iTunes Comedy Zone booker and comedy teacher, Joel Pace, joins Jason in the Green Room to talk about what it takes to make it as a comedian and some of the pitfalls new comics fall into. If you want to take comedy classes with Joel, check out Comedy Zone Classes with Joel

Episode 28 – Becca Steinhoff and Herbie Gill – Two Jokes Are Better Than One

Subscribe on iTunes New York based comedians Becca Steinhoff and Herbie Gill talk with Jason while visiting Asheville. After exchanging only a few words at an open mic, Jason realized he wanted the rest of their conversation to be recorded. Many comedians leave small towns for bigger markets not knowing what’s in store when they…

Episode 27 – Kevin Gootee – Comics Watching Comics

Subscribe on iTunes In this episode Jason talks with comedian and actor, Kevin Gootee.  Kevin works and performs in NYC and has a show called “Comics Watching Comics,” which just got picked up by Amazon Prime.

Episode 26 – Sid Davis – Cruisin’ for Amusin’

Subscribe on iTunes Comedian Sid Davis sits down with Jason before they perform together for the first time in over a year. Meanwhile Jason has been to comedy school and Sid has started performing on cruise ships. It’s been a big year for everyone!