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Failing at Faltering with Carlos Valencia

Carlos Valencia at the Bar

I was totally stoked the moment Carlos Valencia took the stage to open Doug Stanhope’s show in Asheville.

I have just missed seeing him on multiple occasions over the past year. It was cool to be able to genuinely tell an opening act, “I’ve been wanting to see you perform for a while.”

It’s all too common when you go see your favorite comedians perform, that the openers are something you suffer through. But not so with Carlos Valencia. Carlos is funny and he’s unafraid to talk about real things. That’s what you hope for in a comic.

As usual, I had no idea what to expect from our conversation, but I was really happy he made time to meet with me. This podcast is one of those for comedians who like talking about comedy. We talk at length and in depth about Carlos’ life as a comic and the comedic climate of today.

Carlos was really open about himself, and this is what makes for a great interview.

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