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Failing at Finishing with David Castro

David Castro is a TV writer and a hilarious guy to have around. We met while he was in Asheville on what turned out to be a 3-year hiatus from Hollywood. As two Jews in the South, with New York roots and memories of LaLa Land, we had a lot of unspoken common ground from which to grow our friendship. While he lived here, we made movies together, we traveled together, we won and lost trivia contests together. And now that he’s gone, I wonder if we’ll ever finish some of the amazing projects we started: Most notably, a documentary film about comedian, Bobby Slayton.

David owns a house here in Asheville, and he swung back through town not long ago to make some repairs and see old friends. While he was here we made a point of sitting down to record this podcast. It was awesome. For one thing, I really like and respect David. He’s very well read, and I always learn from him. But additionally, he’s had some truly archetypal Hollywood experiences and he shares a number of them during our conversation. The people he talks about meeting while coming up in the business are like characters from a movie. But instead, they made movies! Whether you’re a comedian, a write, an actor, a political junkie or just a person with an opinion, You’ll be glad you decided to spend a couple of hours with me and David.

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