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Failing at Free Association with Jeffrey Goldwasser

My favorite thing about Jeffrey Goldwasser is our relationship. Our banter. The endless jibs and jabs we give each other, sourced so deeply in friendship and in love. You’ll hear them immediately out of the gate. And it doesn’t take us long to get in deep.

Jeffrey Goldwasser IndiaJeffrey is a pillar in the Asheville community. Admired by many, enjoyed by all. I met him in 2007 when I interviewed his spiritual teacher, Swamiji, who was staying in Jeffrey’s home at the time. Jeffrey and I did some video work together promoting a youth outreach program he oversees called Journeymen and he has worked on me and my family extensively as a chiropractor. Jeffrey also facilitates Mankind meetings, sweat lodges, and counsels people individually as needed. He is a seasoned healer, and a dynamite friend.

His life hasn’t been easy. That’s what makes him interesting.

But Jeffrey stares his shadow side in the eyes and welcomes it into the room. He’s unafraid of the darkness, yet forever oriented toward the light. His words, his wisdom, everything about Jeffrey is pointed toward healing himself and the world around him. In case you can’t tell, I can’t say enough good things about Jeffrey. I’m pretty sure that after hearing this conversation, you’re going to feel the same way.

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