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Failing to Freak Out with Adam Fields

Adam Fields is a good friend, and the producer of this podcast. When the election happened, Adam lost his shit. A lot of us did. I, myself, have had moments of acceptance interrupted by prolonged spells of depression. Together we tried to make sense of it all. Thanks in large part to this conversation, we’ve both been able to get back to our lives.

I have been through many distinct phases in this life of mine, and one of them was a deep foray into spiritual inquiry. I spent 7 years studying and meditating on the nature of life and existence with a particular teacher. We had a parting of the ways shortly before my daughter was born, but his teachings and the core values and understanding he instilled in me remain — largely for the better.

Those ideas came in handy during my talk with Adam. We were able to place a lot of diverse and disparate concerns into perspective. Adam is an atheist, and yet I was able to offer possible explanations for things within a spiritual context that he was able to make room for in his mind. It was really cool talking to him and experiencing the transformation we both went through from the beginning of this conversation to the end.

We dug ourselves a pretty deep rabbit hole and dove in head first. I hope you will enjoy diving in with us.

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