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There’s Something About Poly with Michael Hurd

Michael Hurd Headshot ScarfMichael Hurd is one of my favorite friends. I’ve seldom met such an interesting combination of beings. Contractor, Therapist, Buddhist, Polyamorist and Ecstatic Dancer: I call him whenever I have a problem because even if he can’t help, he can probably make me laugh.

He’s simultaneously quick-witted and soft spoken. Hot tempered and skilled at the art of Non-Violent Communication. Charismatic and yet single. Capable of extreme connection and yet struggles with aspects of intimacy.

This interview truly is two guys talking. Friends who know each other well, alternate playing the straight man, and can’t stop one-upping each others’ jokes.

When I launched this podcast, I couldn’t wait to get Michael on the couch. There’s a dynamic ebb and flow to our discussion and a strong willingness to go deep and get real. I cherish the time I get spend with Michael Hurd. We have a long history of making each other laugh and think. Hopefully you will think we’re as funny and wise as we think we are.

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